Lotus Budget

Budgeting made easy

LotusBudget is a web-app that makes budgeting super simple and empowers you to truly understand your finances. Join now and take control of your finances.

Simple to use

LotusBudget makes budgeting super easy through a simple zero-based budgeting framework. Tracking your expenses and managing your budget should not be hard or take much time – so LotusBudget skips the bells and whistles.

True financial understanding

To fully manage your spending, you need to understand how you spend your money. LotusBudget gives you the history and charts to understand.

Secure and transparent

LotusBudget does not ask for your password and access your bank accounts. You just sign-in with your existing Google account, and your data is secured in Firebase.

Budgeting from anywhere

The LotusBudget web-app can be used from your computer, IPhone, and any other device with a browser. For Android, you can also download the LotusBudget app on Google Play.
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